Air Hunger

·Air Hunger· “You can never prepare for hurt, and heartbreak can happen in small degrees or with a bang; when a part of my common history was lost, it was an explosion. After the initial shock, after the effort of the funeral, after the sharp edge of grief softened a bit, I tried to settle into the unkind quiet that followed. I didn’t understand that the quiet was white noise, masking a scream that hadn’t stopped.” “Air Hunger” is the source of the title for my blog. It is


Silence Over Coffee

If instead, I told you I had a cancer would you still sit, biding your time, waiting for me to heal? Would life carry on in your view of us as each day my body was divided, conquered, one weakened cell after another? If instead, I could show you spots or unnatural shadows on an X-ray film and say here and here and here that is where it is, that is where I am slowly dying, would you still simply pat me on the head and say “Now,